Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grants

Small businesses with annual gross revenue between $10,000 and $7 million affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible for $5,000 grant awards. Applications are open through 4:30 p.m. Monday, June 7. Individuals and businesses interested in learning more about the Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant program can do so by visiting the Department of Revenue website.


About the Fund

The Central Wisconsin Economic Development Fund (CWED) Revolving Loan Program works with entrepreneurs and their lenders to structure financing packages for start-up and expanding businesses to encourage economic growth in the area. CWED loans usually have low interest rates, reduced collateral requirements, and flexible terms.

CWED does not seek to compete with banks for projects, but rather complement them and other programs in a total financial structure.

Participating counties include Adams, Forest, Juneau, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Portage, Vilas, and Wood.

Fund Objectives:

  • Encourage business development that supports job creation
  • Raise personal incomes by providing opportunities for employee growth
  • Promote creation, retention, and expansion of existing businesses
  • Leverage private investment throughout the region.